Check Out Some Tips For Maintaining Your Mattress!

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The mattress is a product we buy with the expectation that it will last a long time. Depending on the type (material, density, etc.), the mattress can last 5 to 10 years. But for him to reach this lifetime, you must have some mattress care to last longer. It is important to protect your mattress with a waterproof pad or protector and have comfortable bamboo sheets as a bedspread.

Most manufacturers have simple instructions on how best to maintain them. So come with us to see some tips for your mattress to stay comfortable longer, ensuring a good night’s sleep!

Choose a mattress with a removable and washable cover

If stains are a serious concern, consider choosing a mattress with a removable, machine-washable cover. A removable cover makes it more convenient to keep a mattress clean. A bed free of germs and hair can hugely benefit allergy sufferers and people with other sensitivities.

Use a waterproof mattress protector

Only spend a little on a new mattress; purchasing a cooling mattress protector is a great way to ensure your bed stays clean and in good condition for years to come. A waterproof mattress protector ensures that spills and accidents don’t reach the mattress and cause permanent damage. And it costs less than a new mattress.

Do not eat on top of the mattress. 

Sometimes liquid is spilled, or a little dirt is left on the mattress, which can penetrate the foam and cause stains or a bad smell.

Sit away from your mattress’ edge

Leaning on the edge of the mattress can cause the side frame to break. From time to time, it is necessary to sit on the mattress. So sit the right way: towards the middle of the mattress, avoiding putting your weight on the mattress edge.

Rotate frequently

A simple technique that helps minimize the natural wear and tear of the mattress is to rotate it frequently (place the head side towards the feet). Mattress turning is necessary for most mattress models available on the market. It helps to compensate for this wear and tear and should be done periodically.

There has yet to be a consensus on the frequency for each model of when it should be moved. Regardless of the mattress, some specialized sellers recommend that their clients perform the procedure monthly. In contrast, others recommend performing the procedure every 15 days during the first six months, extending the interval to three months after this period.

Ventilate Mattress

Experts say you need to ventilate the mattress, that is, let it breathe, even those models that include breathers or anti-allergy treatments. Take off the bedding and let your mattress out in the sun so it can air out.

Do not use your mattress with plastic packaging

Leave it completely unwrapped when using it. Using plastic packaging prevents the mattress from breathing and favors the spread of microorganisms.

Don’t fold the mattress

Do not fold the mattress, and prohibit children from jumping on it. Do not place weighty or sharp objects on the bed, such as irons, full drawers, or piles of books. These habits end up with the structure of the mattress, accelerating wear and tear and damaging the foam or springs, in addition to forcing the bed frame.

Keep your mattress away from any moisture. If there is any infiltration in the room, leave it as far away as possible to prevent mold from appearing.

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