Find out how you can improve your business growth by employing a virtual data entry assistant.

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The main target of all businesses across the globe is to generate profits with low-cost investments in resources and technologies. One of the popular investments that a company incurs is often its “human talent.” 

This is how outsourcing non-core tasks became such a lucrative idea. Often you will find companies outsourced administrative services to avoid using precious time on tasks that aren’t directly related to the company’s growth. For example, outsourcing administration, secretarial, and other non-strategic work to virtual assistants is the idea behind opting for any virtual data entry services.

In other words, to accomplish goals, you must delegate all the non-core or mundane tasks to someone who understands and knows how to take care of the administrative tasks. Here are some ways to improve your business growth using a virtual data entry assistant.

Help with data entry projects: 

This is the most straightforward option that a data entry assistant can help you with. You can save a lot of time which often goes into typing all the details in spreadsheets. While this is a low-skill task, accuracy matters if you want to grow your business. Because of their attention to detail, hiring a virtual data entry assistant will help you avoid data deletions, repetitions, or wrong data inputs. 

Help with basic bookkeeping tasks:

If you hire an experienced data entry assistant that can act as an additional resource to help your employee with a good CPA manage the bookkeeping ledgers. It will help you improve the safety and accuracy of the data. 

Helps with Social media management:

According to a survey, more than 90% of executives believe there will be a 50% increase in the social media marketing budget in the next few years. Clearly, social media has become integral to running a successful business. Hiring a data entry virtual assistant with a social media skill set will help you get your company noticed on social media platforms. 

The person will help you publish fresh content regularly and reply to comments. They can also help you repurpose the content on multiple platforms and use different software to liaise with the designers for better and improved content on social media. 

Help you with email support backup:

Impeccable client experiences are the only way to retain customers today. But you can’t keep handling customers all the time. You can hire a trained virtual data entry assistant to support you with administrative tasks associated with client experiences. For example, the person will help you enhance the experience through live chat or phone support. They will act as a backup to ensure that clients revisit you. 

Help you with e-commerce management:

If you have a business that requires you to sell on Amazon, Shopify, or eBay, having a data entry virtual assistant can help you manage inventory, optimize listings, and process orders. They could also be helpful with product sourcing. 

In short, define your tasks, and you find a virtual data entry assistant to help you streamline your non-core processes. 

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