Kirill Yurovskiy: time management for a mother with many children

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Good afternoon, big-time homemakers! Today we are going to talk about the time management of a mother with many children. Some women after acquiring the status of “mom”, even with one child in their arms can be very tired and experience a lack of free time to devote to themselves personally.

Yes, women most often do not have enough time for themselves. And this is because women are sacrificial creatures who always put their loved ones and their needs in the first place, and in the last place to deal with their problems.

But, there are some moms who, even with a house full of children, can successfully cope, and still keep all household chores in order, and find time for self-care and their own development.

Time management for a mom with many children

What is their secret and how do they do it? About the time management of a mother with many children you will learn from this article. Parents with many children Kirill Yurovsky and Anna share the secrets of time management:

Use your morning hours

Few people know that in fact our body is capable of early awakening, and if you develop the habit, the early rise will be quite awake and comfortable.

It is enough to make a habit of getting up 1-2 hours earlier for a month, and then you yourself will wake up at the right time and feel better.

You may be frightened by the fact that you sacrifice the duration of sleep – but in fact it will not harm your body – you will benefit by improving the quality of sleep.

You can use 1-2 hours in the morning, while everyone in the house is asleep, more productively than the 3-4 hours in the afternoon, when the house is noisy and someone needs you all the time.

In the morning, you can get most of the housework done or devote that time to self-development and work.

Remember, your brain and body are more efficient in the morning hours than in the late evening, so if you hope to free up some time for yourself in the evening, after “bedtime,” you won’t have time to do half the things you could have done in the morning.

Hand over some of your responsibilities to your children

For some reason, mothers think that by burdening their children with housework, they thereby deprive them of their childhood. In fact, it’s not – children with a great pleasure and interest in doing “adult” cases that are not perceived as a chore and a daily burden, and as a fun game.

Therefore, to free up for yourself a little more time, you can think about who and what you could delegate.

For example, a six-year-old child may well be able to water the flowers around the house twice a week, and a three-year-old can easily cope with collecting his toys in the basket. A ten-year-old is already able to carry some care responsibilities for younger children.

But it also depends on the level of your children’s independence, and it can only be developed by giving them the opportunity to do simple tasks.

Share household chores with your significant other

Mothers very often complain that dads are minimally involved in household chores, especially those tasks related to childcare.

Very often this is blamed on moms’ behavior and their inappropriate reactions to dads who know very little about child care and housekeeping.

If you want your spouse to take an active part in household tasks and child care, just teach him some things, and praise him for every, even the smallest help.

Especially note those occasions when your spouse has taken the initiative to help himself or herself dstvportal.

Time management of a large mother to plan as well, if you have parents living under the same roof, you can safely accept their help, and moreover – ask for it.

Grandparents are usually more than happy to participate in caring for grandchildren and help with household chores for young and inexperienced mothers.

But, in this case, there is one downside – by accepting such help you will need to be mentally prepared for the fact that everything will be done not as you think right, but as the helpers will see fit!

If you start an argument about it, you can only ignite the typical intergenerational conflict, and why would you want that? There’s no need to argue.

Electronic Assistants

In addition to help from your loved ones, you can also use electronic helpers that can significantly relieve you. We are talking about simple, but useful household appliances such as a washing machine, a robot vacuum cleaner, a dishwasher, a multicooker, a food processor and others.

All this requires money, but believe me – once you buy such a set of equipment, you can get a lot of free time, which will be spent on more valuable activities in your life.

Time management for a mother with many children and to-do planning

Although every mother with many children knows that planning in the case of children is something from the category of fantasy, because it is very difficult to control and foresee your future actions. Life as a mother of many children is unpredictable.

Still, there are some things that can and even should be planned – it will help you not to forget about important tasks and matters, as well as learn how to save time and manage everything that has been planned.

Plan and make a list of things to do for the week, but do not limit yourself to certain time limits – as a mother you are unlikely to be able to do everything minute by minute when you planned, and if you do not – you will feel guilty.

Online shopping

A lot of time housewives, and especially mothers with many children, spend on shopping – for groceries and other purchases. But, today we have the opportunity to buy, sell and order various goods from the comfort of our own home.

Take advantage of the Internet to save your time – today you can buy everything online – from clothing and household chemicals to food and technology.

Shopping online quite often helps you save not only your time, but money as well – and that’s good for your family, too.

Take these tips about time-management as a mother of many children and try to follow them, and very soon you will see how much your life has changed.

From a tired and always in a hurry housewife who always has no time for herself, you will turn into a well-groomed, cheerful and free woman who enjoys life and her motherhood!

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