Methods of coming up with a name for your company

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Selecting a company’s name is a highly responsible decision, and will be a challenge that Turbologo name generator can assist you with. A great company name can help you make yourself stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of your customers. If you select a bad name, it’s hard to grow your venture. Your chance to be a part of foreign markets can become a failure when you do not be aware of the specifics of language and mentality.

There are a variety of effective methods to select a suitable and current name for your company which will help you complete an important task in the process of establishing a company.

  1. A name for the person who founded the business is a typical way to do it. In order to do this, you should make use of the name or surname of the person who created the company or opt for a more common abbreviated form.

Examples: Nestle, Johnson&Johnson, Chanel.

  1. The name given to repeated rhymes that are rhythmic is simpler to remember since they sound different.

Examples: Coca-Cola, M&M’s, KitKat, Chupa-Chups.

  1. The technique of combining words can help to create a name by making two words. It is believed that the name for this renowned brand was derived this manner. The person who founded Adidas was known as Adolf Dassler, and in the circle of acquaintances and friends they were referred to as Adi.

Examples: Adidas, Blackberry, Facebook.

  1. It is possible to construct one name using a variety of words. Cut one or two words, and combine them into the most effective and readable version. Check out the examples of Konica (the amalgamation of the words Konishuroku (a brand of cameras – with the term camera).

Examples: Intel, Lego, Konica.

  1. By using abbreviations to create an original name for your company. Your company’s name and function in a few sentences (4-5 words) and then connect the initial letters. It is crucial that vowel letters can be found easily and are simple to read.

Some examples: BMW (“Bayerische Motoren Werke”), IKEA (“Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd”) It is the existence of the surname and name for the person who created it, as well as the title of the farm as well as the city in which he grew as a child.

  1. Making use of words that sound similar to the characteristics and features associated with the products is a humorous yet effective method.


Twitter The name conveys the sound of birdsong Schweppes carbonated fizzy drink Yahoo! The violent display of feelings.

  1. One method to create an intriguing name for a business is to pick an identity that is made up of an unidentified word to the public. The consumer can learn about the hidden meaning only if he can find an official translation or transcript.

Example: Nivea – “snow-white” in Latin, Daewoo – “big Universe” in Korean, Mazda – part of the name of the supreme Zoroastrian god Ahura Mazda, which is in consonance with the surname of the person who founded.

  1. It’s not required that the name of the company is directly related to the work. It is possible to take an idea and build the brand. Sometimes, it’s enough to examine the world around us. Inspirational sources can include such as nature, fruits books, animals, and books.

Some examples: Adobe (the name of the river that flowed in front of the home of the company’s founder), Apple, Fujifilm (named in honor of Mount Fujiyama).

  1. The use of your child’s name or pseudonym could be a rather odd choice. You only need to test to see if you can be able to come up with an unforgettable name.

Some examples: Mercedes (the name of the daughter of one of the founders), Danone (the nickname of the son of the founder).

  1. You can design a distinctive name for your business with Turbologo’s name generator. Turbologo Name Generator. The entire process will take minimal effort and time. The names you choose will satisfy the primary requirements for the name that is successful: distinctiveness and memorability.


A name that is good will take good care of your clientsit’s simple to understand, read and enjoyable to hear. It should trigger positive impressions that aren’t false. The name of the business plays a significant role in the effectiveness of your communication with your target audience and could even be the foundation of your competitive edge.

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