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The MPA has been attempting to pressure Nyaa executives to shut down the site, and is doing so through legal representation. The company says it has the power to do so because it has received a large number of complaints regarding massive copyright infringement on its website. The complaint letters include samples of copyrighted works uploaded to the site. While Nyaa has yet to respond to any of these claims, it seems that a resurgence in interest in the website is inevitable savefromnet.

The Nyaa site lets users comment on the torrents they download. This system is aimed at cleaning the site of spam and malicious links, but it is still worth reading comments before downloading. Those who are concerned about the content of a torrent should avoid it altogether. This will ensure that they aren’t downloading a virus, malware, or spyware. However, the Nyaa site is not completely free from copyright claims, and there are ways to protect yourself from these threats.

For those who are having trouble downloading Nyaa.si, try restarting your web browser and clearing your cache. If these measures don’t fix the problem, try disabling any browser plugins and rebooting your PC. Finally, some users have reported success by changing their DNS servers. Google Public DNS has been known to fix many issues with the site. If all else fails, try using an alternate torrent download site such as Hulu.

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