Sensitive skin can come back to be strong.

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Sensitive skin problems are becoming more and more widespread. because the world changes every day This makes the skin more susceptible to external disturbances. especially the chemicals and the weather including small dust that never disappears resulting in skin redness Some people have blisters, stinging, itching, and peeling of the skin. Even if it’s an annoying skin problem. It is difficult to use any product. Because some people are allergic to certain ingredients in the product. But if we understand deeply with sensitive skin. Our skin can come back as strong as before Just don’t give up Discipline in skin care and choose products that meet the needs

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Know the root cause of sensitive skin

In addition to external factors such as the environment, sunlight, air pollution. chemicals from cosmetic products Including side effects from certain diseases that require medication. or treated with laser methods As a result, the skin is dry and more sensitive than before. Internal factors are also very important to cause sensitive skin as well, such as heredity or diseases with various skin disorders such as dermatitis. Skin irritation from external stimuli such as water, heat, cold, humidity in the air, including hives and eczema. All of them can be the cause of sensitive skin symptoms.

For some people, if you don’t know exactly which triggers your skin is sensitive to, Kanebo, Japan. who study research intentionally It took more than 40 years to understand sensitive skin. May start by avoiding the main factors That can irritate all skin types, such as sunlight, hot or cold weather, highly concentrated exfoliating products such as AHA Retinol, and thick clothing. And too tight, not cleaning the skin thoroughly, wiping the skin, including avoiding products with irritants. which often provoke allergic reactions such as alcohol, parabens (preservatives), colors, perfumes, etc.

Check to be sure that you are a person with sensitive skin or not.

Checking for sure can be done in a number of ways. But you have to see a medical professional. This can be checked for allergies in several ways, such as using the patch test, which is the most popular way to test for skin allergy. A doctor will apply a skin patch that is labeled 20-30 allergens for testing. And leave it for 48 hours (during this time do not touch water and do not sweat). Another way is to poke. This is a method used to detect up to 40 types of allergens at once. The method involves a doctor placing a test substance that is suspected to cause an allergic reaction on your arm or back. Then use a needle to poke the skin and leave it for 15 minutes if the allergic site appears as a red rash or blister like a mosquito bite. And another method is to take a biopsy from the skin for examination. by looking under a microscope to determine the cause of abnormal symptoms

Cope with sensitive skin with understanding and proper treatment

According to the website’s health article, find a doctor. There are many ways to deal with sensitive skin, such as using facial cleansing products. Including skin care and cosmetics that are primarily gentle on the skin. And have to adjust their own daily behavior to avoid problems with sensitive skin. which can be done as follows

– Do not use products containing fragrances, alcohol and other allergenic ingredients such as retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids. (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids: AHA) Talc (Talc) Mica (Mica) chemical deodorant. Including chemicals that have the ability to destroy or inhibit bacteria.

– Does not exfoliate skin cells often To exfoliate skin cells This should be done under the supervision of a doctor.

– Avoid waterproof makeup. or cosmetics that contain preservatives as an ingredient Do not use expired products.

– avoid sunlight Make sure to clean the mattress, pillowcases, and sheets at all times.

– Choose the right products that are gentle on the skin.

Choosing a product that is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin may be another factor that will help protect and strengthen the skin. And check to see if the product has passed the FDA. Products should be used especially for people with sensitive skin. And it must be a product that has been tested and confirmed to be hypoallergenic. Remember to regularly apply sunscreen with sun protection or SPF 30 or higher. especially before going out in the sun Should choose a non-chemical formula sunscreen.

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