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Dailymotion is a French video-sharing website. Its launch in North America was supported by Vice Media, Bloomberg, and Hearst Digital Media. The service is available in 183 languages and 43 localised versions. The website features local content. The company plans to expand into new countries and markets. Founded in 2004, Dailymotion has more than a billion monthly users. To date, it has attracted more than three billion visitors.

Dailymotion is owned by Vivendi and offers various advertising options. It also has a rich media format. For content creators, it offers an openVOD program. With this program, you can sell your videos. You set the price, format, and player, and you can distribute your videos to any device. For content creators, Dailymotion provides statistics, which allow them to tailor their content to specific markets. The company also takes a 10% commission if the video contains inappropriate content.

In addition to ads, Dailymotion also lets you monetize your content. The company gives publishers access to unique analytics about their audience, and if their videos are embedded on other websites, they will receive revenue sharing wherever people watch them. You can also upload videos on your own website, provided that you validate your domains with Dailymotion. However, this is not recommended for amateurs. You should avoid uploading videos without an antivirus program. A good antivirus program will protect you from malware, and can even alert you to a malicious video before it can cause any harm.

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