Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning Online Blackjack

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Online Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Playing online is a lot of fun because you can watch your casino account grow from the comfort of your own home, regardless of what else is going on. Apart from being popular and exciting, this game is also one of the most awarded games. Do you want to increase your chances of winning in blackjack, stay with us, below are our tips, which you can use to increase your chances of winning, and love this game even more.

Basic strategy

Online Blackjack is a game that can be played on various online casino gaming platforms, and is available 24/7. This is a game based on mathematical probability, and before you even start playing it, you should learn the basic strategy of the game. Learning basic strategy shouldn’t take much time, and it will mean a lot to you because, without it, you can only play this game by guessing. Once you learn the basic strategy, stick to it, as this will greatly increase your chances of winning.

A basic strategy is a set of rules that help you how to invest your money when you are dealt your first two cards. When you get your first two cards you have several options, you can: stand, hit, double, split, or fold. What you do depends on the cards you were dealt, and the card dealt by the dealer. The basic strategy helps you use simple logic, and find the best options to choose from. This strategy is not about card counting strategy but simply helps you to play each hand in the best possible way. Applying the basic strategy will not always bring you victory, but it can significantly increase your chances of winning because it is still a better choice than playing according to one’s feelings and pure luck.

Basic strategy rules

  • Get informed about the game rules and betting odds, and learn the basic terms used in this game.
  • Set a gaming budget and stick to it, don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.
  • Try to choose the best online blackjack real money casinos, which offer the best bonuses for the length of play and the amount of money invested.
  • No matter what happens, if you lose and have bad luck, try to stay calm and collected, because the added stress is not a good ally in the game, and it can adversely affect your decision-making.
  • Focus on the game and try to guess the card the dealer has, which is face down.
  • Avoid taking out insurance, although at first, it may seem like a tempting way to cover your losses, in the long run, there is a high chance that you will lose money, on insurance returns.
  • If your total is 11, we advise you to double your bet before taking the third card, as there is a good chance that the next card will bring you to a total of 21.
  • If the first two cards you are dealt are two fives, or two tens, avoid dealing them, even if the dealer has a weak card, such as a five.
  • In online blackjack, forget about the card counting strategy, because online casinos use a random number generator, and the cards are shuffled after each hand. Therefore, counting cards is a pointless and exhausting job, and in this case without any chance of winning.
  • Try to find a suitable table, and try to pay attention to the variation played at your table, as blackjack is known to have several different variations.

How to bet successfully?

Below are some tips that can help you increase your chances of a successful bet.

  • Determine your betting rules at the very beginning. Based on the previous hand, try to refine the next bet. If you don’t have enough experience to determine the next bet, you bet the same amount on each hand.
  • Play wisely, and always keep your budget in mind.
  • After a win, increase your bet by one chip, and after a loss, decrease your bet amount.
  • If you have a winning streak, take the chance to increase your profit and increase your bets.
  • You can also increase your bets if the odds have increased in your favor.
  • Avoid side bets, as they can drain your budget significantly.
  • If you have a bad hand, where the chances of winning are very low, you can fold and thus save half of your bet. Beforehand, of course, find out if the online casino you are playing in offers a surrender option. You can fold your hand before the dealer checks for blackjack.
  • Always try to limit your losses, do not chase the win at all costs, by increasing your bets, hoping that after a series of losses, you will suddenly win.


Online Blackjack is a popular card game, which is partly based on probability. It is a big challenge to find a good strategy that can increase your chance of winning, and therefore reduce the chance of the casino. Try to develop your strategy, be focused on the game, stay calm, concentrate on the game, and place your bets wisely. Always keep your budget in mind and never go over the limit. Play at casinos that offer you the best bonuses you can get. Over time, you will gain more experience in playing and perfecting your strategy. We hope that our tips will help you improve your chances of winning, which we sincerely hope you do.

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