What is the difference between under-eye filler injections and under-eye fat injections?

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If you want to solve the problem of wrinkles under the eyes, dark circles, hollowed eyes, deep sockets, you may have heard of injecting fillers under the eyes and fat injections under the eyes before Because both methods are very popular with similar results. But do you know how the two differ? What are the different advantages and disadvantages? And which method has the best results?
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    Filler injections under the eyes

    Filler injections under the eyes This is the addition of a substance called Hyaluronic Acid into the area under the eyes. To fill and treat wrinkles, dimples under the eyes, solve bags under the eyes and dark circles, making under the eyes look full. more complete Wrinkles and bags under the eyes disappeared. Including adding moisture to look radiant and rejuvenating you.
    Advantages of injecting fillers under the eyes
    – More than 80% can see results immediately after injection. and quite clearly
    – Able to decompose 100% naturally without leaving residue
    – No wound after injection
    – No need to recuperate
    – Able to adjust, increase and decrease to get the desired effect
    – It takes a short time to inject.
    Disadvantages of under-eye filler injections
    – results are not permanent Can last 6-18 months depending on the brand chosen. Practice and take care of yourself. Repeat injections are required for long-lasting results.
    – Some people may have red swelling or bruising after injection But it can disappear by itself in 2-3 days. Can use makeup to cover up.

   fat injection under the eyes

    fat injection under the eyes It fills the deep grooves and wrinkles with your own fat. Your doctor will suck your excess fat out of your body. Usually choose excess fat in the thighs or abdomen. Centrifuge to extract the stem cells and mix them with adipose tissue. and injected into the area under the eyes To help restore youthfulness and solve the problem of deep wrinkles
Advantages of fat injections under the eyes
    – Reduce the risk of allergic reactions This is because the injected fat comes from your own body and is not foreign.
    – Harmless to the body
    – It takes about 1-2 weeks to recover.
    – Results last longer than fillers Can last more than 1 year, depending on practice and care for yourself.
    Disadvantages of fat grafting under the eyes
    – The result is uncertain how much fat will stick in the first time. With an average success rate of only 30%, it may take several iterations to achieve the desired results.
    – can only add more cannot be injected
    – The process is quite complicated. and takes a long time Because it has to check the fat, liposuction, centrifuge extraction and then inject it into the under eye area.
    – There is a wound in the area where liposuction was used
    – There may be problems with uneven skin after the injection.

    Which method is more dangerous?

    If both procedures are performed by a doctor or someone without expertise or experience It can be dangerous to you as well. Injecting it in the wrong way or in the wrong place can cause harm to your body.
    The most serious danger is intravascular injection This can cause gangrene or blindness. It is more likely to occur with fat injections under the eyes than with fillers under the eyes. by injecting fat in the wrong position or intravascular There will be no solution if something goes wrong. Because fats do not contain enzymes that help to digest them immediately. Unlike fillers that have enzymes to help break down.
     In addition, if there is a problem from fat injections under the eyes, such as clumping fat or uneven waves Must be corrected by surgical removal only. because the lumpy fat cannot be broken down by itself
    Therefore, many doctors recommend filler injections to help correct under-eye problems rather than fat injections. Because there is less risk of side effects, dangers and injection procedures.

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